Call for Papers
Special Issue on Advances on 3D Multimedia
In the era of information communication technologies (ICT), advances of multimedia from standard and high definition to ultra-high definition (UHD) provide significantly enriched human visual quality of experience (QoE) and gain more and more attention in various applications. After the release of the three-dimensional (3D) movie "Avatar" in 2009 and the wide availability of 3D glass- and auto-stereoscopic displays, 3D visual data production, coding and transmission technologies and their extensions to 3D audio, 3D virtual reality and 3D printing, have been extensively investigated. Advanced 3D multimedia systems with multiple views and multiple audio channels are expected to emerge in a wide range of applications ranging from entrainment cinemas and commercial digital signage to future smart home and immersive classroom. Besides, 3D printers targeting at various types of material and applications become available in the market. The design and development of effective 3D model scanning and rendering tools is critical to the success of the 3D printing technology, which is viewed by many as the beginning of the next industrial revolution with a focus on smart manufacturing.

In the general sense, 3D multimedia data include 3D Video, 3D Audio, 3D Graphics, 3D Virtual/Augmented Reality and 3D Printing. Their related technologies and software/hardware systems for entertainments, education/training, manufacturing, and smart human living environment are progressing quickly in recent years. With more views and more channels of 3D multimedia data, research on data compression and system realization is active nowadays. This special issue is dedicated to a comprehensive presentation on state-of-the-art results in this field, including innovative theoretical findings, new algorithms and prototyping systems, user quality of experience study, soft/hardware system design, and future research directions in 3D multimedia.

Papers are solicited on all related aspects with 3D multimedia, ranging from new representation format, virtual realization, processing and compression, innovated system design and performance evaluation, and various applications. Topics include, but not limited to:
  • 3D multimedia representation and formation
  • 3D multimedia rendering, generation and synthesis
  • 3D multimedia processing and compression
  • 3D multimedia analysis and recognition
  • 3D multimedia modeling and regeneration
  • 3D multimedia quality of experience
  • 3D gaming and virtual reality
  • 3D multimedia systems and applications
  • 3D multimedia in GPU and VLSI implementation
  • 3D multimedia related interactive devices and systems
  • 3D multimedia for immersive learning and training
  • 3D multimedia content creation
  • 3D multimedia for literature art and design
  • Emerging 3D multimedia business and social activities

  • Submissions
    Authors are invited to submit previously unpublished works. All submissions will be reviewed for originality, significance, technical soundness, practical contribution, and clarity of presentation. Electronic paper submissions must follow JISE format requirements, and are sent to and A template of submitted paper can be found at

    Important Dates
  • Submission deadline: August 31, 2014
  • 1st round review result: October 15, 2014
  • Final notification: November 30, 2014
  • Tentative publication date: March 2015 (tentative)
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