In-Kernel Policy Interpretation for Application-Specific Memory Caching Management

Paul C. H. Lee, Meng Chang Chen and Ruei-Chuan Chang

TR-IIS-96-001 (Fulltext)

hipec, resource management, page replacement, caching, FIFO2-SP.

Traditional operating systems manage the page frame pool with the LRU-like policies which cannot properly serve all types of memory access patterns of various applications. As a result, many memory-intensive applications induce excessive page faults and page replacements when running with access behaviors other than the LRU-like patterns. This paper presents a high performance external virtual memory caching mechanism (hipec) to allow user applications to run with their own specific page frame management policies. The user applications inform the operating system of their specific management policies by loading a set of macro-like commands to the kernel. When page faults or page replacements happen, the operating system will interpret the commands and perform the corresponding specific management policies. The empirical evaluations show that the hipec mechanism induces little overhead and significantly increase the application and system performance.