Panoramic Stereo Imaging with Complete-Focus Views for Virtual Reality

Ho-Chao Huang, Yi-Ping Hung and Sheng-Wen Shih

TR-IIS-96-012 (Fulltext)


An image-based virtual reality (VR) system, the panoramic stereo imaging (PSI) system, is proposed in this paper. Traditional image-based VR systems can not to produce stereo views and dos not give the viewer the feel of realistic 3D depth. The proposed PSI system uses a stereo camera set to capture the stereo image pairs simultaneously, and produces the stereo panoramic images by using the camera parameters obtained from camera calibration. Furthermore, our PSI system can construct the clear stereo views from the complete-focus images. With both the stereo and complete-focus features, our PSI system provides more realistic and clearer views images than other image-based VR systems do.