The Bounded Loss Rate(BLR) Problems in Multicast Networks : Part I : Problem Formulation

Deron Liang and Da-Wei Wang

TR-IIS-96-013 (Fulltext)

multicasting, routing, loss rate.


In this report, we consider the problem of the multicast routing in high speed networks. By multicasting we mean that to transmit data to multiple destinations simultaneously to avoid redundancy, therefore saving network bandwidth, and it is important for high bandwidth applications such as video conferencing, video on demand, etc. Previous works have focused on the issue of efficient bandwidth allocation. As the new applications emerge, in particular, the multimedia applications, the guarantee of the quality of service (QoS) becomes a major concerns in designing new generation of routing algorithms. In this report, we propose a new problem, called Bounded Loss Rate problem, where end-to-end total cell loss rate of each point-to-point connection is taken into consideration when routing a multicast stream in the network. We study the computational complexity for several variants of Bounded Loss Rate problem. We also review several related works in this report.