TR-IIS-05-020    Fulltext

Coalition Formation for Resource Co-allocation Using BDI Assignment Agents

Kiam Tian Seow, Kwang Mong Sim and Yuan Chia Kwek


A new distributed agent algorithm for resource coallocation to different tasks is proposed. The algorithm extends a BDI assignment algorithm with resource capability reasoning. It enables resource agents to form coalitions via iterative BDI reasoning and negotiation given the limited capabilities of the resources vis-`a-vis task requirements, without directly limiting the coalition size. In the worst case analysis, the number of negotiation rounds required by the algorithm is shown to be of a polynomial order in the number of agents. Empirical evidence from simulations shows that the algorithm yields favorable results in terms of the number of effective coalitions formed for different tasks. Fundamental differences between the proposed algorithm and related work are also discussed.


Keywords: Multiagent Systems, Software Agents, Resource Co-allocation, Problem Solving, Planning