TR-IIS-06-013    Fulltext

Collaborative Assignment Using BDI Multiagent Negotiation

Kiam Tian Seow, Kwang Mong Sim and Yuan Chia Kwek


In this report, we propose a distributed agent model that embodies belief-desire-intention (BDI) reasoning and negotiation for addressing the linear assignment problem (LAP) collaboratively. In resource allocation, LAP is viewed as seeking a concurrent allocation of one different resource for every task to optimize a linear sum objective function. The proposed model provides a basic agent-based foundation needed for efficient resource allocation in a distributed environment. A distributed agent algorithm realizing the BDI negotiation model is developed and examined both analytically and experimentally. The significance of the model and its algorithm is also discussed in relation to existing multiagent work.

Index Terms

Intelligent Agents, BDI Negotiation Model, Reasoning Systems, Reasoning Control, Collaborative Linear Assignment Problem, Decision Support