Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica
Joint & Adjunct Research Fellows
Joint Research Fellow
Chang, Ronald Y.'s photo
Chang, Ronald Y.    Joint Faculty(Assistant Research Fellow)
Chen, Ming-Syan's photo
Chen, Ming-Syan    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Data Mining ; Query Processing ; Databases ; Multimedia Networking ; Mobile Computing
Cheng, Hsiang-Yun's photo
Cheng, Hsiang-Yun    Joint Faculty(Assistant Research Fellow)
Cheng, Wen-Huang's photo
Cheng, Wen-Huang    Joint Faculty(Associate Research Fellow)
Chung, Pau-Choo's photo
Chung, Pau-Choo    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
HUANG, YEN-NUN's photo
HUANG, YEN-NUN    Joint Faculty(Distinguished Research Fellow)
Hsiang, Jieh's photo
Hsiang, Jieh    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Digital Libraries and Museums ; Artificial Intelligence: software agents, strategy analysis ; Programming Languages: logic programming, logics of programming ; Foundation of Computer Science: term rewriting systems, automated deduction
Hsiu, Pi-Cheng's photo
Hsiu, Pi-Cheng    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Hsu, Wei-Chung's photo
Hsu, Wei-Chung    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Lee, Han-Ming's photo
Lee, Han-Ming    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Web-Based Intelligent System ; Neural Network ; Fuzzy Computing ; Artificial Intelligence ; Bioinformatics ; Science and Technology Policy
Lee, Lin-Shan's photo
Lee, Lin-Shan    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Computer and Communication
Lin, Ching-Ju Kate's photo
Lin, Ching-Ju Kate    Joint Faculty(Associate Research Fellow)
Lin, Yen-Yu's photo
Lin, Yen-Yu    Joint Faculty(Associate Research Fellow)
Tsao, Yu's photo
Tsao, Yu    Joint Faculty(Associate Research Fellow)
Wang, Chih-Yu's photo
Wang, Chih-Yu    Joint Faculty(Assistant Research Fellow)
Wang, Chuan-Ju's photo
Wang, Chuan-Ju    Joint Faculty(Assistant Research Fellow)
Wu, Chung-Hsien's photo
Wu, Chung-Hsien    Joint Appointment Research Fellow/Professor
Yang, Yi-Hsuan's photo
Yang, Yi-Hsuan    Joint Faculty(Associate Research Fellow)
Adjunct Research Fellow
Chang, Fu's photo
Chang, Fu    Adjunct Associate Research Fellow/Professor
Document Analysis and Recognition ; Image Processing ; Cognitive Science ; Bioinformatics ; Machine Learning ; Pattern Recognition
Chen, Keh-Jiann's photo
Chen, Keh-Jiann    Adjunct Research Fellow/Professor
Chinese Language Processing ; Lexical Semantics ; Lexical Knowledge Representation
Hsieh, Ching-Chun's photo
Hsieh, Ching-Chun    Adjunct Research Fellow/Professor
Chinese Language Processing ; Information Science
Corresponding Research Fellow
Liu, Chao-Ning's photo
Liu, Chao-Ning    Corresponding Research Fellow/Professor
pattern recognition ; image processing ; data visualization and virtual reality
Liu, Chung-Laung's photo
Liu, Chung-Laung    Corresponding Research Fellow/Professor
Design and Analysis of Algorithms ; Combinational Mathematics ; Real-Time Systems ; Computer Aided Design of VLSI Circuits
Yew, Pen-Chung's photo
Yew, Pen-Chung    Corresponding Research Fellow/Professor
Computer Architecture ; Compiler ; Parallel Machine Organization ; Dynamic Binary Manipulation ; Performance Evaluation and Simulation